There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, April 17, 2011

11 days.......

every end of month...i always waiting for my salary. yeah salary to continue my life. but this month, its very hard month n which this month will never end because something will happen. i'm confuse,.... happy to get salary or losing someone? i believe every starting will be stop with ending...thats life.............. let me be honest.... actually my best friend from french will leave kuala lumpur 29 april. i only hav 11 days b4 he leaving. pity this he not in kl at the moment because went to chiang mai with officemate until wednesday,22 i only hav some day. of course i'm sad and speechless. one more time something big will change in my life. i always love all my best friend....some friend can share hiding, no lying even understand what u want and always do favour when we need help.

i try to be strong....but i cant imaging my life without good friend. i know i can contact by sms, phone or else....but i'm not so rich to topac the phone......but when i need someone to talk..i will do as much as i can.trying make myself busy but really can;'t stop count the day. i need more friend...i need more intention actually.i dont want be lonely or alone. just feel sad at moment.

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