There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, March 24, 2011

very busy week

since last week day is very busy n busy day. no time to rest and relax. even everyday arrive home around 12midnight. next day around 7am need to wake up n ready to office.

i dont like this moment.....because i dont hav life to make me happy. all time work work n just doing something not important for stupid client like naza.i dont care..because all of u just think u have money n can decided anything without u thing is right or not. use ur mind if u r really good in business.dont act like u know anything.

at home...also alone like usual. patrice went to perth for meeting for 1 week, make me more worst. because no friend to go out or sharing. with office condition....i really cant take any leave or MC although i hav bad coughing now. try to fight it...but really need energy n time for work. wish i can easily take EL like others do. but where i should go? if i just stay at home..i will more crazy with bored...then its make me more confuse.

anyway i want happy..i want laughing, smile and positive. pls give me way to find my happiness. i'm feel worst at the moment. miss exercise time, sleeping, one here to encourage me to do that. give me support n something i will do for someone i love. i wish that.

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