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Sunday, March 6, 2011

some collection of song

On Friday, was a bit free because my secondary boss took EL….yeay so not much work but still finished some work…..a bit sleepy that day because cant sleep Thursday night until 4am. Start finds some interesting at internet.

I was download the best of clubbing song….. hehhe just to know some new genre’s song. Unbelievable I found nice n good music.

Right now I love

Remix you’re superstar

Remix only girl rihanna

Remix circus Britney spear

Remix one love

Remix scooter ramp

Remix satisfaction

Remix single ladies beyonce

Remix on the floor j-lo

Remix every time we touch cascada

And some other….not makes the house for clubbing reason…just start new genre of song. Its nice, because internet at office really fast. Anyway I hav some collection now..will start dance when I’m bored…hopefully.

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