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Saturday, March 26, 2011

secret of despacth

i always got double eyes in my life. everything happened in my life always connected and i know from my observation. at my office...the admin always called the despatch to come at office to send some important letters. one of favorite dispatch is a muscle guy short, cute and very hardworking person.

he also have personal business card which is gave to admin...with his muscle body. hahhaha its good at least he attract people to get his service and remember him. in his business card he also doing personal gym trainer. which is good.

last week i found him at special "website"... wow from the photo he seems travelled a lot.its good because he working as despatch as part time...and can go any place freely and easy. he look so cute in photo. hahha at least now when he come to office...i will smile..not cheeky smile but i'm proud of him. hehhe secret of my office despatch.

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