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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

scary sometime

yesterday i went to midvalley just to pay my monthly gym and i decided to terminate my member. i know its big thing happened in my life, but i need to fix some personal thing in my life. since i moved to new house 7 month ago, i only went to gym for exercise only three or four time. so i think i should stop pay for nothing.

when i look myself....i'm still ok although got little belly. what i means is i do my own exercise like running, jogging, sometime went to gym at my house. so i think its enough to make me fit not muscular. what i can hav if i'm muscular? last time when i'm muscular..i'm still single....even now still single. who care?

anyway hopefully i will do more exercise for myself...the important is hav good health. what scary happened lately is when i walked at street..people nonstop looking at me. at midvalley some man n girl...look at me nonstop.

even today when i using train...someone was stop and follow me...i dont know i realize some people look me with different. maybe the hair cut make me look different. anyway i prefer to hav low profile life, simple and peaceful. i can do anything i want.

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