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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

pakistani security

yesterday i was talked with one security guard. he also be nice n friendly with me especially when i back to home from office. from bad mood sometime he make me smile because of his smile. yeah its good. only yesterday i got chance to talk with him because i'm waiting taxi to go klcc. he told me he was accountant at big company at lahore, pakistan. he have master n seems he good person. his english is good.i believe he have master. after recession a few years ago, he lost million rupee pakistan n lost the job too. so he went to dubai become security guard to continue his life.he got family, one wife n 3 kids. the older is same age with me. i nearly to cry because he told me..when i walk to home..he will remember his son. oh my god really touching, to approve that..he showed me his family photo in phone, his daughter n another kids.

life is hard..sometime crazy. he told me...the job at dubai was good, but when he listen malaysia...all nice n heaven. when he work n stay here..all opposite. so sad. i know its happened here. when i asked him where do u stay? his face changed...ooh no......he told me..the house not like small house...2 people stay in living room, another 5 person in small room. so bad. i really i'm lucky stay at big house. i speechless when he told me like that.

honestly i just told him...u must go back to ur country, find any job..u r father..they need u. sure something good thing at lahore..but he more at job, no future bad. he need to work because his son at college n school. i really salute him, just want he try something because he got master..but why become security guard at malaysia?

i said..if u really have master..why not u try another job in malaysia. but he told me...pakistani people give bad reputation for malaysian people and government...... so thats why very hard for him to find job and convince people they r good. what he said is true.oh world...seems crazy!!!

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