There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

one more time

i left office with positive mind..cheer up because done many thing at office. took another way to go home......not like usual. was nice in train..see people around, couple try play finger..some people laughing and they r nice although1st day working in week day.

stopped at ampang park station, i realize very very bad traffic jammed....still can smile n happy.walk around ampang book or magazine at i bought 2 book, sodoku and etc. looking at the road...seems very bad traffic. so i decided to sit at old town white coffee and start with sodoku..was nice with cold white coffee, curry noodle n kaya toast and listen music.

around 8pm...try get any bus to home.yeah reach at home about 9pm. still bad traffic. then i look at the plant n give some water. was a nice day but try keep positive. a bit bored....wanna do exercise but a bit lazy. then open computer to check email..if someone send email....n online at some website.

one more time people just fooling around n i really frustrated, moody, fed up with my life.i HATE it. i try give chance for myself....but finally its just killing me softly and i really fed up.thats why i dont like this...... hard for me to explain and people will not understand. OMG....pls help me and give me chance to get happiness. i dont know how long i should be like this...i'm tired already.... :-(

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