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Saturday, March 26, 2011


hmm today was a crazy day for me. unbelievable n scary......all about my brother's car. when he left his car at my house, the car only have 2 bar. i was warm the engine 2 day ago and hoping still with 2 bar..but today when i checked...the oil seems finish soon and the light bit bit bit.....make me nervous n scary.

the afraid of empty oil make me brave to drive the car. pity i choose the petronas petrol station close to sucasa hotel. hmmm no choice because my brother told me use 95 ron petronas. this morning i just stay at home because my body need rest n sleep. so i just go out around 9pm. oh my god...the road at jalan ampang totally worst.jammed heart beating nonstop.....finally i reached the petrol station....hooray

i think its easy to put oil in car....i dont know where the petrol door in car....after a few minute..i found under the seat. hahahha yeah i really dont know. then when i wanna put oil in car....the oil from tank stop ...i press then its stop again..finally the pakistan workers come n say dont put the pipe too deep in the hole....hahhaha i thought we must put deep....he teach me how to put the pipe...just near at entrance. hahhaa

so funny....i realize driving is really make us tired...sometime like a diva on road when everyone look at us in car...hehhe i'm safe one more time from driving. after that i went to ampang point to take out some money., i just driving around my house..its nice.

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