There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


today i really nervous...until my heart worry n myself shaking. although busy with work..i try to not think about it. have 2 big reason....

1. actually i'm worry someone not reply my sms and call. i start think bad...i dont know..its game or real. i jsut worry because i care not because other reason. i'm so nervous...i dont want something bad happen. pls for those read this and care about me....mms, sms, call, tweet, email, fb, letter...pls this world is open..u can't hide from somewhere.

2. today i got salary for this month...when i checked online banking..i got extra money..... although not million but i feel nervous n scare because thats not my mother. my body shaking and i can't talk..i tell to my friend slowly..then he also checked from internet. he also surprised.... finally he decided to inform admin...finally the admin come to me n said..a big mistake happened. so i took the extra money n give back to company. huhuh was think to travel with that money...huhuh when i can be rich?

anyway i'm still nervous...hopefully my friend will contact me.

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