There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, March 7, 2011


actually..its not easy to take photo by ourself. its all about how to learn, never give up and try our best. i got some comment from many people. some people said u look extremely exotic, cute, masculine, clever, real man, great and etc. thanks for comment. what can i say sometime i took hundred photo, only 3 or 5 photo look good and hav value.

i can say the photo sometime can cheat us.... for example..i'm not so muscular, stilll got belly n fat..but with right composition, body gesture, and photo look perfect. always do experiment to know ourself better.

today i will tell u the story behind the photo....because i took photo by not all nice..some look wierd n funny. what to do...nobody wanna take my same time hard to find good photographer...who know my right position in photography.

do i look ok or hot? hahah funny for me ready to take whole body but hard to take photo......

wanna try formal suit with short pant......but seems not so nice...hahhaha soon

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