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Sunday, March 6, 2011

hahhaha crazy dream

hmm seems crazy dream.....but at least hav good time..not too much just meet someone i admire b4. someone i admire at hometown....long long time ago. unbelievable when its come in ur dream... of my god..u make me crazy because i was near to fall in love with someone i admire. wow 6 years until that person getting marriage with my neigbours... hahhaha

should i explain what happen in dream? i like to write little....its was a small river (although my village no river). i sit there n we hav little chat..suddenly our eyes meet together......then come out some feeling....feeling of long time not meet because its forbidden relationship between 2 age, 2 level, 2 world, 2 kasta (in india term), 2 hierarchy but in dream everything can happen. so i admit its happen just still care about people looking us in the dream. hahahh .....i respect that person as my friend or someone make me become great person. i learn from that..just i wish i have another chance..maybe back to old time...n i will say....i love u as u are......not for sex or something relationship. cant wait to go hometown...another 4 day.

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