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Monday, March 7, 2011

funny.... hahhaha

one of my friend was make me laughing nonstop because he told me...when i took photo with my sister...he need to make sure i wear scarf or without cover...hahaha because we hav same smile n eyes. of course we r sibling......

even when i meet my sister with her group, her lecture was asking me if i really her brother...then my sister's friend told their u look at their smile and eyes...they look same hahhaha.hehhe

after i think about deeply...why not i try took photo with scarf or cover...because i always be creative after took shower..using towel as scarf. do u know many muslim women wear cover at malaysia? they do many of let me teach u some style...hahha dont be surprise i'm still look sweet.

to all people..pls dont think negative...just a entertainment for my blog only...because i saw many girl dont know how to make themselves nice....always same style..same fabric..why not try something new..although with towel u can get good result.

when u took photo..u need to hav feeling,,then u will be creative....hahahahha

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