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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

coincident in life

waterfall at tasmania national park

Lately too much work at office, make me felt so exhausted…. Talking about office work..i really surprised because all the design are connected with my life. Maybe just coincident but I really surprised.2 days ago..i’m ready to go bed…lay down on bed n lazy n like usual think about work n life. Switch on the tv just to see some program..maybe interesting to avoid myself think about bad thing. in tv…have one documentary about Tasmania national lovely place….was decided to continue study at Tasmania university because far from urban place n quite place….. finally I changed mind to register at south of Australia university. In the documentary…they show about the great n unique forest…so amazing, the government really takes care of the forest. Lovely n wow..speechless…..because too nice. Suddenly they focus on one waterfall…eeh I found this waterfall at put in my concept of I realize the waterfall came from Tasmania national park. After that I’m smile n swith off tv n go sleep with Tasmania waterfall. its lovely…wanna put myself under waterfall n have fresh water, fresh air ….hmmmmmm my body need rest

Yesterday, when I arrived at office….my friend showed me a new concept of our building. We need to redo all design because the client need simple, cheap but interesting.WTF! Then I surprised again because the design look familiar with me. I saw b4…but where? When? What the building name? Hahhaha then I remembered… story teller was explaining about that building b4 I’m sleep long time ago. Hahahaha. Its federation square at Melbourne. It’s really coincident…then I start smiling again.

I believe what we done in our life it’s all related, connected and coincident. Nice memory, bad memory and interesting too. Thanks for Tasmania n federation square…...nice idea, but the boss still want something more interesting. Federation square’s skin idea rejected n we come out with new idea. Hard work to think n tired

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