There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, March 20, 2011

cheeky smile

last week...i really busy with work. when my boss too EL for 4 day(WTF), life is like hell. rushing for work and all the time in front of computer until midnite. waiting tomorrow to print report n submit. the worst thing is when he mad for small mistake. why not tell me with soft n nicely? tomorrow will be scary time for me.

in rushing time to finish mind nonstop to think about my life. sometime hate this job, hate my life n etc. from one by one same to my watching a picture, movie, or drama on screen. those people i knew, close, misssed and love. but deep in my heart said..... "i'm sure they found new person to hang out, happy time and share". then i just eat that feeling deep in my heart.i can't emotional when i busy with work...its not good

anyway tired with got sms from bos...not reply..just hate it....will sms soon with another reason..."hello ariff, h r u? i'm coming back soon"... arghhhhh....wish hav someone to make me happy here

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