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Friday, February 18, 2011

what do u hav in ur phone?


today i was happy at office because i can put some song in my phone n transfer all photo in my phone. actually i bought new phone after my phone fallen on floor n damage. since i bought new phone, i cant put song in phone because the phone using different usb connection. so today i was asked all my office mate if they hav that usb connector. finally i got. so what i hav in my phone?

my eyes

the 1st photo is about my eyes. hahhah funny right? actually i miss someone that to see the eyes...then i try to send with my eyes too but the photo not so nice...only this one is best shot by my phone. its hard because i'm not familiar with i just keep it in my phone because i think i got already many photo in my blog, so my friend will not think that's nice....haha thats the reason why i have this photo.

a guy with shadow

second photo i took when i'm waiting friend to go somewhere. yeah waiting at security guard, a bit longer. hahah just try to see myself at that night, look sexy or not. hahah because i must look nice(joke).anyway i dont like the photo because my face was shaded by shadow of my hand.

at office

third photo also not so good. only this one is the best shot. what story behind the photo? actually someone want to know me.....really difficult to me because i dont hav photo of myself in phone..... so i just posing on the spot. hahahha yeah if u like to know someone, at least u must give a good impression to someone.but finally nothing happen...what a waste i think. people just like play game...lucky i'm not do over than that. hahaha...i'm crazy

a condo at bangsar

4th photo about a condo at bangsar. i went at bangsar last week for a reason. after that i walked on street because always love the house's design there. seems the security is tight...only can take some photo.

anyway have some photo but not nice to share here. like waiting someone at airport and took some photo people at airport.its all memory which is a record for me.nice memory than.

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