There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, February 25, 2011


2 week i took time to write this because i need more see myself, to motivate myself and also make me strong. i have great time b4 with some great friend which is i need in my life. a friend make me laughing, smile, doing activity outdoor and indoor. at same time a friend u can't hide anything.

i called transition because a period of time to make u look at future, see my capability, my soul and my heart. in transition period...i do nonstop exercise everyday because i wanna make myself tired, strong and have good stamina. if i'm not doing anything...i will start lonely, start blaming myself and crying. i know its not good.... thats why i'm doing exercise after work until 11pm.then i sleep

but the things is how much u do exercise, how crazy urself busy with work, u cant run from missing someone close to u b4. at least i'm not regret what i'm doing. helping myself to stand on my foot about reality of life.why not i'm look at around? honestly i tried look at around..... but still no one. i'm not rush to get new friend, at same time i just to fulfill my empty space for new things in my life.

i do hope for someone, but life is not easy. finally i just tell myself..... just confident with urself, be strong and everything will be ok soon. so in transition time...i start to know myself, what should i do for next step, i need more time. hard to fix the life, fix myself, n the time too. i wish can go back to the past, create more memory, hehhehe..its would be nice.

anyway, i never regret actually. i done what i should do, i gave everything what i should give, i wrote what i should write, only the last day i miss one thing which is i'll never write here. life is wonderful when we meet great person with nice attitude n clean heart. wish i can meet more people like that.

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