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Thursday, February 3, 2011

tragedy in memory

long time i'm not write here about myself. just wanna be low profile n dont want mess around. the day moving fast, rain, hot, cool and wet. some people in happy, some people in crazy, some people busy packing, some people busy with work, some people busy with friend.....same thing with me. but we never forget our best friend around us.

from time to time..... we growth up, try be positive, mature and open minded...although its hard to adopt it...because its life...the life of full foolish, lie and sometime just sweet word.

sometime when heard about broke up...i really can't imaging how bad it is because i never fall in love. sometime frustrated n fed up with something expectation..maybe its more pain i think. here got 2 story which is happen in my life lately. maybe its a instinct for me to not too sad soon.

last week i hav guest in my house. was happy at beginning because someone at home, hopefully can do activity, talking, cooking and etc...but its all just dream. i'm happy to welcome guest at home. but its change when my guest got date with someone else..n start talking about the date. all the time my guest just spent time at facebook n internet and me just at living room. the end of the day, was surprised because he just broke up because all changing at last time. thats life.

2nd story..... i hav cyber friend which is i never meet but just chat sometime. last night.... was surprised because they just broke up. my friend got bad instinct and create another profile to teas his partner. i know its too much.... but he set the date....n meet....then drama happen...after that broke up.its hard for him because he try to be honest in his relationship.

thats tragedy in memory....great great memory when we in love someone...but its become tragedy when 2 heart not at same place....without tolerate, mis communication, misunderstood n etc.

deep in my heart, i never tired to find real love.sometime feel so lonely....but what can i do......its life.....not all its nice.

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