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Saturday, February 12, 2011

thousand hope, thousand memory, thousand love, one 's heart

a few year ago..... i really pressure when my best friend leaving malaysia to his country. thats time i think its hard time for me. yeah i dont have much friend to share. those friend can talk any topic, sharing experience n etc.

although he not in kl anymore..but we still communicate by internet n he gave me thier house to take care. sometime we hav little fight about some issue..but honestly in my heart really love him as friend. i appreciate what he done in my life.

then after that...everyday i pray to God, talk with Him. asked to give me a good friend. someone nice, someone friendly, someone cute, someone hav knowledge in many topic, helpful and of course can sharing prblm. finally i got one, i'm lucky i think...lucky to hav friend which is teach me about life, appreciate the moment, travel, even i cried in front of him long time ago because some reason.we spent time a lot. i'm enjoyed n happy what i have.

second move to minute, minute moved to hour. then hour moved to day, day moved to week. week to month.....very fast moving. finaly my best friend will leave malaysia soon. although i'm sad but the memory make me really happy. feel like i'm the lucky one. i just hope he will get better life at bangkok soon. he gave me much memory, plants, and dining table. its really nice

i also hav another best friend, also moving this end of march. i appreciate what he done to my life. although we not spent much time..but i learn from him about saving, expenses, budget control, friendship and life. like i said every one got the advantage.i appreciate all of them. again i'm so lucky person.

in next few month....i know will lonely in kl......not much hang out soon...... but i will spend my time, with exercise, painting, gardening, cooking, blogging, reading, and motivate myself. thats what i learn from all my friend. must appreciate the time u have with something benefit. now i have house to take care, then i have many plant to take care and i learn about saving, finance management. sound perfect for me.thanks god because gave me this change.thanks to all people being friend with me. will miss all of u.

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