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Saturday, February 26, 2011

sometime i think i'm bad brother n bad son

lately i start thinking of myself...just to see what wrong with myself. maybe i'm bad son..... to compare other people.i dont know, just feel long time not go hometown. i'm not escape myself from to go hometown, just busy with work n life in kl. always work hard at week day, then i always wish can rest and relax at weekend. terengganu is far from kl. i always think...people always go back to hometown is good son ? or those people call their mother n father for an hour is good son?

sometime i feel far from them n they never care about me. all i do by myself since study until now. i know they know me well, survive for my life. just sometime can pamper with them. honestly i just met my family a few month ago when my brother hav convocation and this weekend my sister come to 2 week i will back to hometown for cousin's wedding at kelantan. i think its good at least they will meet me. so i think its enough for me to stay close with them.

today really touched my heart....i clean my garden today n bought some plant. so my sister come over to me and helped me to arrange the vase. its was wonderful because thats what i want..... she love plant too. i wanna cry because i can feel how she care about me and the garden.helping each other. then after clean the brother wanna use some electric point at my house. but some point not working because got prblm last time.... suddenly he asked me about playar and spana..... then he repaired n its works well. oh my god...really touching me too. he expert in a/c n study at technical college. i afraid with electric. so today really make my day wonderful. feel better because b4 this i felt so something not good with my family member.

anyway...i love my family although we not close. maybe my family is everyone have their own life. i wish i can more close with then.thanks for helping me today.

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