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Sunday, February 13, 2011

new hobby-karaoke

hheheh my new hobby now is karaoke...... hahhahaahhahahahahha

let me tell a secret...... i love singing.but i really shy to sing at public because of my voice. i realize my voice really soft and small. thats why i'm not singing much. but the strange is when at school i always singing at class when i'm doing homework.

stil remember when study at university, in my studio, i'm the dj and i always sing loudly. hahahaha because to entertain myself. its pressure study architecture, but when my university invite me go to karaoke...i never singing because i really shy.

since finished study until now..i'm not singing anymore..sometime watching jangan lupa lirik... at astro ria...and singing again.

last 2 week when my greece friend come to kl, he planned to go karaoke with his student. but ist was cancelled. then to make he happy, i brave myself to go karaoke...finally i'm start addict to sing again. finally i can say i'm not bad singer. we choose crazy song, all song actually n really enjoyed.

last week i went with my officemate, siti. we supposed go 3 person, but my friend canceled at last minute. really enjoyed for 4 hour. hahahha

actually karaoke room was create to those people can't sing well or those people to hav experience for singing. some my friend work in profesional field dont like karaoke because can't sing la, shy la, bad voice la......u know if u not try u will never know. nobody will criticism u, mad u but u will great memory from song selection. the way u share ur word from heart by song, its will make u feel better and happy.if u r really bad singer n go to audition like akademi fantasia or american idol, u must be punish because u must urself 1st.

right now i really addict to sing but its costly. hahha anyway my voice not so bad....depend on song. new hobby, new activity make me happy. feel bad because invite some friend to sing, but they not interested. karaoke a place for u to sing without border n rules. after u come out from that room u will smile nonstop and satisfy. hahhaha love karaoke.

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