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Saturday, February 19, 2011

long day with many thing happened

hmmm lovely smell from jasmine tea bought at cameron highland. make me fresh after have long day.i can say today really testing my passion of life.

i was wake up early morning around 6am. i was hoping my weekend starting with something new after a big changed since last week. i must look for future to make sure i'm happy, healthy and always positive. i realize some people can't wake up early like me...always 10pm above.honestly i can't do that unless i really tired n working hard. so i took shower, pray and ready to go jogging. i know i do mistake because i'm not take breakfast this morning. still jogging around the house area for 4 round then continue at park close to my house.

today i really happy because i feel free n lost heavy load on my mind...hahha maybe i was sleep early last night. most the time now i just sleep early because i dont want think much about life. at park..many people there especially malay people. its good to become healthy family. then i was think about some couple sit at park without do exercise..just fall in love. i realize in malay people... young couple always be nice b4 marriage..after marriage they never care anymore.... not care about the body, healthy even their partner. why not everyone become sexy n sweet after marraige...because both of u already halal. like holding hand when walk in street, in car, kissing, if i hav chance, of course i will do that. ahhaha

anyway its was nice park, many hot guy n sexy girl doing exercise...i'm exhausted.

then i walking to home..on the way i stop at landscape nursery. actually i wish to buy some plant, carpet grass to my home. i was dream to buy when 1st time i moved in to my house, but dont hav change n no budget. but this i just like to know how much the cost. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh its really cheapla. if i know i do long time ago. the carpet grass only rm3 for i square, so my garden size is 6 feet x 5 feet, only rm100+soil+gardener. hmmm the owner is malay, thats why she gave me discount. i also buy the frangipani tree. i love that tree for long time ago. they will start make changes on saturday nest week. yeay.... actually i'm using john money...the balance from frame. sorry mate..will play back later. i really happy because on monday i will get my oil painting with frame n next saturday i will get new garden.

walking with happy...i continue my day with rearrange the plants at my garden. yes its heavy at same time i not eat anything. was hav good time at garden...its green and fully with plants. then i make some cereal with milk. i know i cant take milk because i got gastrik... but i just want try if i'm feel better. then.................. i got bad headache, stomach aid, vomit and exhausted.

i really felt bad because i was alone at home. hungry, headache, stomach aid..wish i hav lover to take care of me. what to do....until now i dont hav any chance. i just get sleep but still headache...start vomit, after that feel better. drink much water n take paracetamol. then i decided to buy McDonald delivery because i think i can't walk. hahhaha i need energy..then bough big mac set large + nugget+ mcd porridge. hmm lovely....i know i do exercise but when u fall sick...u need eat as much u can to make u feel better. thanks mcd delivery at least u help me when i sick n hungry. hahhaha

then at evening, wish can go out....but no mood to go out. even dont hav friend to go out. just at home. have 2 date but both r cancelled.i dont know..... and patrice at krabi with his guest.

"In LIFE, we may not always get what we WANT...we may not always get what we NEED...but we should always be pleased with what we deserve"

anyway was a bit stress, quite at evening.looking around but seems nothing special like usual. i'm not hurry but its good to have friend to hang out. then i just watch movie, make myself happy and at night watch American idol. its was good.anyway next day is more challenge to me. time to sleep. i'm happy because can't wait for my garden n my frame on Monday. happy also because someone still sms me. hahah thought its change quickly. who knows. anyway time to sleep. nite everyone

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