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Sunday, February 13, 2011

the last heroes- ultraman

hahah still about heroes when i'm kids. ultraman. at my ages, we only know one or 2 ultraman. after mellinium they create family of ultraman from future space. its about a powerful heroes save the world from monster with huge scale. but the ultraman will died when the air become dirty...the light at centre of body will change red. if he not kill the monster asap, he will die.

the nice about ultraman is the custom they create really good. the airship also modern.

my friend told me..why japanese create ultraman? the superhero for japanese? from rumors...after WW2, japanese lost many thing, people that time really down after war. they find solution to make sure everyone happy and feel better after war. so they create a superheros and always fight to save the world. its works. kids, young people, teenager love ultraman as superhero which is help the world, save the world and become idol. thats why until now ultraman very famous among them. means japan always wins to save the world. to compare batman, superman. hahaha that rumors.

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Anonymous said...

Gee! You have all those?
My nephews recently are in love with Ultraman series, and force me to play make-believe-Ultra-fights...I will never be able to memorize all those names, lol.