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Sunday, February 13, 2011

lagendary of dragon ball

released in Japan on November 10, 1985

in my life, only one comic i really like n hoping they will make new series of dragon ball. i'm still remember when i'm in primary school, i save money from school just to buy dragonball comic and also sailormoon. hahaha sound funny. sailormoon i shared with my sister. but she always take advantage from me.

everyday my mother gave me 50 cent go to school. i never go to school canteen because my mother gave me bread for i'm not so hungry. at same time food at canteen very expensive, too much pupil and of course the food not so nice like my mother's cook. i normally went to library or just eat with friend outside the class. we not allowed stay in class at rest time.

so every week i can hav rm2.50, that time its big for me.hahha really funny when i remember of my school time.really hard and difficult. then every weekend on friday, i like to buy burger at wet market. the price for burger rm1.00. so another rm1.50 i save to buy dragon ball comic.

so rm1.50 x 4 week, become rm6. normally the last page of the dragon comic, they will put 1 page for order comic by post. honestly,i do by myself. fill the form, buy stamp, write a letter, buy the money order..... and waiting the comic every month. the price for the comic that time rm2.50, but plus with money order 50cent+ stamp 30cent and post to home rm1.00, nearly rm6 for one comic.

from that, i learn to save money, all done myself, post. i'm happy because i learn to survive until now.but when the post at mother will take it but she never mad to me because i use my own money. heheh thanks mom because understand me.

the reason i like about this comic is a travel boy from one place to others place just to win the fight competition. he do exercise a lot at same time meet many people and learn about life from his travel.he met many people n his enemy but he never kill or do bad thing with them. finally his enemy become friend and help him at same time he collect 7 dragon ball and after collect 7 dragon ball, he can wish anything from the dragon. thats the journey really hard, fighting, collect the ball from strange place, technology, n etc.

one think i really salute the write of this comic, he already knew about future. he use handphone in the comic, the city really futuristic. if u have change..just go to bookstore n see inside comic. try find photo of the city but not so much.

the modern vehicle, gun, building, really tempting me. even the character also stylish, love the clothes because very trendy n up to date. anyway this comic really good of imagination. i can say its not regret to read and buy. thanks dragon ball comic. i love it

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