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Sunday, February 13, 2011


today i was cleaning my house and saw a bottle of coughing syrup, still not use. hav a story why i'm not opened the coughing syrup.

a few week ago..... i really hav bad cough, nearly 3 week. i think i'm the last person got cough at office. even until now some people still have cough.

like usual we use traditional method like

- take money with lime juice, drink every morning and b4 sleep.its make ur throat clear from bad liquid,mucus
- eat 1 egg every morning without cook
- honey one spoon every morning
- no ice or cold water
- no fried food
- take hack sweets

i tried all method but this time my coughing really bad one, stubborn n all the time go to toilet.
one day i tired to hide syrup bottle in office bag and put on desk at i will remember time to take coughing syrup. i'm still bos came to me....n said " r u addict coughing syrup" then i wake up from fantasy..... ooh i should fight my coughing not only drink coughing syrup.

n i answer politely to my boss, i said i really said n this coughing really bad one. he just smile. since from that i never take coughing syrup anymore. after few week, i'm recover from coughing and flu. thanks god.

so the moral of story is....every sick...we not only hope with the medicine...we must waiting that sick with spirit of strong ur body take the sick until u really recover from sick. sure some people agreed with this. yeah some we heard breast cancer can survive for long time when they start active themselves with activity and forget the darkness of life. try b4 regret. so we must happy.

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