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Sunday, February 13, 2011

arghh love sailor moon too

i wrote about dragonball.... n remember about sailormoon. hahha sory feel ashamed because i like sailormoon. a group of girl really hav power from moon and save the world. the girls also try to find thier love, very funny, beautiful and n the cartoon wow really good.

i wish i can draw like the write. see thier hair really sexy, wave and nice cut. modern and stylish. the character was design well. from 5 girl warrior become 10 in one team. the name of them follow the 9 planet in this world. so easy for me to remember when study. and only one heroes. everyone got thier tools to protect themselves......all about moon and sailor. they look like model...long leg..different with typical Japanese people. i can say if u hav chance to read......go ahead. its nice.

love the cartoon n how they draw the nice. love, save the world, romance, nice nice nice......

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