There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, February 28, 2011

roses.............. i love rose

i love rose my life...i always wish someone will give me a banquet of rose or one rose.its romantic right?i got at graduation, but never get personally. that's why i bought rose for myself. its beautiful and sweet. some rose plant at my garden now.

another flower n small sunflower

hanging flower

love to see this flower...remind me about fraser hill, colmar tropical, japanese village and cameron highland

my garden....i feel so nice to stay here

its very long story for me to write here...all about the memory. honestly when i moved to this house...i really feel worst, lost even try to have chemistry with all new environment. i took 6 month to make sure u feel ok, happy and "yeah this is home".

from time to time..i start cooking, clean house, mop all the floor, windows, door, garden and etc. i felt so tired, sometime mad because this house is too big for me to clean. but after its become routine..u will enjoy and u feel better when ur place to live is clean n smell good.

after 6 month... my house still empty..even i'm not afford to buy any furniture, even painting to put on the wall. but i start to buy flower n put in vase in my house. i felt the soul, something life in my house. after that i start painting. i have many reason why i do painting...i'm stress with my life, loneliness, at same time i must decorate my house to become more nicer. finally i found the way to frame my painting.its really wonderful. my house now like a gallery..some people come to my house..really impress with the painting.

day by day.... i'm still cleaning the garden but not much new plant i plant because i feel confuse. i love plant and my mind keep saying," why u must buy plant n same time u will move soon".....always and always play in my mind. one mother come to my house and mad...why u not ur garden more nicer? then i told her what i think b4...she mad me...she told me...if the owner asking u to go tomorrow or next month...leave the plant or flower to them as a gift from u. at least they will remember u...someone stayed at their house. start from that i bough some flower n plant.

after got bonus from Chinese new year...i bought some this is what i done for a few weeks. i'm happy and hope the tress n flower will stay good. so my routine now become interesting...wake up from sleep i need to watering the plant and also back from office. doing painting, cooking, n etc.

anyway i have 5 month to live per contract 1 year. see whats going on later.try my best to make sure this house in good condition.i love this house, garden.....a lot of memory.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

me at bowling

was a tired day because long time not play bowling. not so expert like university time.

my friend and me at bowling tournament