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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

yesterday is very bad day....

hahahha today my department make a war with 3d department because they r lazy doing 3d modeling at same time the due that is yesterday.

the truth story is like this

once upon the time.....hahahaha we was working on new design for our project since last week. we waiting someone just marriage to make the real 3d modeling. although not perfect its ok aslong as the building look good. so last week we try make massing model to make sure he easy to finish but. we fully give hope to him anyway. working until doing overtime. even night b4 new year, we still working.

on monday, we ready to pass him. since morning he dont nothing. yeah he try to convert another program but still no result. i'm waiting also another friend in my time...waiting....but sharp 6pm he leaving office to home.we still patient because we know he just married. but on tuesday..... he still do nothing because waiting to convert that programme to another program. for example, for simple modelling we using sketch up for finally we use rendering by 3dmax.

so we make another plan because not work at all. from one model, we divide to part of part. for example in one building, we hav 2 block apartment and mall. so we divided into 3 part, hopefully he will doing well n easily. from 3 to 6 to 9 part, he still not helping us. even others 3d just look us busy, open internet at pissed off;. the bos need the output b4 4pm.

i really down, mad , pressure n totally tired. running from my desk to 3d department, but they just laughing. oh my god. i hate ittttttttttttttttt. finally back from lunch, we decided to make another plan in our team. no choice because its totally crazy...with the 3d modeling, we take out not important part...n render by our program. although our computer not so great like them. we can render it until 8pm after buy time from boss. u know how tired with this drama?

the company hired them for 3d modeling but me as assistant architect n other architect was doing our 3d modeling. what the fuck? its totally wrong ok. then we decided to make war with them today. i was happy too because we done render although not so nice. very painful when thinking of people like that. never think about responsibility.

i can see my friend got vagina disease right now. arghhh just married n crazy with pussyyyy... i dont care.anyway i took EL today for personal matter. heheh at least i'm happy today but little bored at home.

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