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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

took EL

today i took El for personal thing. heheh i'm crazy. but i think i only hav one chance for my life. honestly i really enjoyed but not all the happiness can stay there. hmmmm

from morning, i woke up early to clean house, make "bruchinner", hahhahah breakfast+lunch+dinner. easy 3 in 1. then around 10pm i took bus because i have date at klcc. in bus something happen. i will tell u in 2 part.

part 1, lately i really like 2 bus driver. this 2 bus driver i think hav their own advantage and hav reason why i like them. one bus driver is a women. she very good in drive, smart in cut the queue, stop nicely to take customer and also think very good on road. i salute her. n i feel safe when stay in her bus. very good driver

another driver is a man. but he is special for me. i think he is Chinese muslim. a Chinese guy convert to muslim. look he so religions, very respect all the customer especially the old women n man. he also drive good and mad when something bad happen. he always wears something religious person, but still drive good. his face really clean without light in his face. he is good driver too

part 2, if u read my other article b4..... i always admirer someone in bus. hopefully can talk or know each other. but today a bit shocked because that person together with someone.maybe in love. always accidentaly happen to me. normally i saw that person around 8 or 830am because we will stop at klcc, but today i took bus around 1030am but saw what going on.honestly i'm a bit jealous, frustrated but what can i do...that person not belong to me and maybe we not meet in this life. but i realize the eyes still look at me....far inside. i dont know...maybe i only over for this time. then the bus stop at klcc, i choose my way n the eyes still look at me. i dont care...its really hurting me. then i walk to my destination..suddenly accidentally meet that person..n still the eyes look at me. hmmmm not belongs to me la..... finally i'm not hoping anymore

i went to my destination n hav fun. was nice meeting with friend. yeah kind of date after plan for long. after that i decided to buy new phone. i only hav free time today, so bought n feel great because i have my own phone. thanks john because borrowed me the phone. will never forget ur help. always miss thinking of ur kindness. too nice person.

after that i just back home n stay at home until now. heavy rain outside nonstop, maybe 3 time heavy rain today. kind of bored. very bored la.... watching Alice and wonderland film at home..still bored after watching it. what should i do? dont want go out because spent money for phone already. i'm lonely now.

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