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Friday, January 7, 2011

a timetable

i was plan to write about this yesterday but a bit busy and not in writing mood. lately always busy with work n i kind of stress a bit.

in architectural field, we always make planning, sometime we achieve what we planned, sometime not. the due date, the rushing date, the balance of day to finish work.all need to plan with good and accurate because its very important.

today is last day for 1st week of the year. the life moving fast, every second, every minute, very hour, we breathing,talking, sleeping, moving and moving. that's life.

a few days ago, i was chat with my best friend patrice about the last moment in kl after he back to kl from xmas at France. just meet him 1 day b4 he left to Perth because hav some work there. like a dream, come and go.

then i start calculate about everything. just to remember about the 1st time meet him at 10 january 2010. then now he will leaving kl end of march. so fast right? many memory, nice and bad thing happen for last year. honestly i start count the day. like a crazy guy but when u count that..u dont hav much time to spend, to meet, to talk because everyone busy with thier life. i know some people will say dont think too much but honestly deep my heart i always appreciate my time with everyone i met. some people dont think about that because we r different.we can't hav the 2nd chance in our life easily.

i try calculate how much time i hav to meet him b4 he leaving kl, its only 5 day.very short too me and of course i will miss him as my best friend.its sad... another hard moment losing a good friend around me after tj and patrick. its hard to start from beginning one more time. sometime we r lucky and sometime we get hurt.anyway, thats life.

its make me feel so lonely, empty, sorrow n what should i do?.... i love all my friend around me.

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