There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, January 9, 2011

something secret making tea

hahaha i'm smiling n laughing now. i won this game...another drama or thing happen in my life a few day ago or yesterday i think.

if you always read my blog..u will know about this topic. to make short n easy..i can say life is like making tea..its very bitter when u drink only tea and hot water...but if u add sugar and milk..i'm sure ur tea will make u feel wonderful. but just need to be careful when u put more sugar u will get sick also.

ok ok make it short.... when i like someone and n personally that person not belong to me..i will cut at middle of way. deleting everything....what ever belongs to that person. but when thats person come back to u n forget about u, its start new games. but i never take advantage, i tell the truth to thats person..i know u completely because last time u never care about me around you. now u come back bring something i really not sure its a sweet or bitten at future. so i just believe in myself. i dont mind to cut again.... because i dont want get hurt more. but i miss everyone came to my life. huhuhu

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