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Sunday, January 23, 2011

the profile

today i just online at social networking. just to see around. although without any reason..its nice to see people with good photo, good looking, mature n also with nice scene in the photo. suddenly i was interested to see one look awesome...but when i checked a little bit the person just 23 year old, to compare with me i'm become 26 years old this year. it is suitable to say hello... finally i realize i getting old...i just think last night i was 20 year old......when i'm 20 years..i always wish i become 26 because people will not say i'm too young, but now when i'm become 26....i wish i can be 24 years old.hahahha

honestly when i'm 19 years old..i wish i will get my target is 24 years old, hav lover to share the rest of my life. but now when i'm 26 years old..i'm still single. i dont like be this.what to do ...thats life..sometime i wish i hav different journey to compare what i hav now. must really i appreciate what i have around me, friend, family and work....but having a special lover...sure its will be nice. lalalala

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