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Sunday, January 9, 2011

pan mee soup and tennis match


today i dont hav plan too..just waiting evening time to go bukit jalil stadium. so go out to buy lunch and medicine. just for in case. so again i choose pan mee soup at avenue K. i like this food although have many choice at the stall, like mee curry, laksa or etc. was full stomach n i really love it.

at meantime i watch a tennis match humpan cup at perth. i dont know maybe open australia. belarus vs usa. i can say 1st time i watch the tennis game from beginning until finish. they r good player. the 2 women very strong n really fight to win. i'm not remember...but at 1st games the score 6,6 n after that they play in tie break also 6,6..finally at 1st games, belarus wons it.

the 2nd games....the USA athlete was left belarus 4,2 but i can see the USA player lost focus and the belarus take advantage the game n wons the 2nd games.

i enjoyed the food, i enjoyed the match..was a good time at home waiting time to go stadium for anugerah juara lagu tv3.

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