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Sunday, January 9, 2011

a movie for weekend

in busy time cleaning the house, i got a sms from friend to come house. i just allowed n watch movie at home. good to have someone in house.

not much dvd i have at house because i gave all to patrice. sometime i borrowed from him. just exchanged dvd movie. i choose robin hood movie. honestly i watched for 5 time for this movie. i like it. i can say its good movie

- family matter
- friendship
- passionate in love
- work hard
- by law n kingdom
- respectful
- integrity
- community
- waiting
- the beauty of culture, food, clothes
- english custom
- castle, war uniform,
- the panorama
- kids, bird, sea, hill,

from this movie..all the point came together n become beautiful movie. although they not show the sex scene, but i can say its good film.a movie must show with come 1st and the plot too. was enjoyed watch movie with my friend.

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