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Sunday, January 9, 2011

klia international arrival

after my friend left house, i was bored at home. was thinking to go out, but i'm sure kl city a bit busy and jammed. suddenly was thinking crazy idea...go to klia airport. yeah patrice back to kl last night, why not make suprised and i can walk at airport and see people around.

i was left home around 6pm and make trip at kl central. not so busy today, all people seems busy and rushing. i decided to take dinner at kl sentral because i'm sure at airport a bit expensive. so i eat rasamas at kl sentral.was good with the percik chicken. lovely.

then i took bus at kl sentral around 730pm, not much people in bus too. i got time because patrice flight touch down 10pm. in bus...i just listening radio and feel so sorrow suddenly. i dont know.....was thinking something but dont want to write here.

on the wady to airport, i was fall sleep on bus, maybe too tired clean garden, house alone. when i wake up , my eyes totally too bright..hahah at same time at airport too much light.then i walked around, see people.was acting like i wanna fly to travel.was good feeling. hahha

then i watch the departure n arrival board...some landing from dubai, qatar, pudong, china, sydney, melbourne, klia so busy. i was saw something..but i just ignore that feeling let go. feel far way.let it go.

then i was stand at international arrival entrance was more than an hour. i saw many thing...was touching my heart.i wish someone come out from the arrival and make he happy..but its not come true. for me if i'm arrive like that, i wish someone waiting me..give me hug, kiss or etc. here some drama happen in the arrival place. i make note in phone...because its too nice..that emotion, feeling, lovely, old n young, friend n lover.couple,son, lonely guy, thin n fat person. ugly and beauty, cabin crew

- a handsome indian guy was arrive n one indian girl was jumped n hug the a good couple. the guy wanna kiss the girl..but he too careful with people around..just a bit long hug and its was nice from thier eyes

- a chinese man arrived. his family come n hug him. maybe theguy study oversea...look his sister close with him. hug and play with his nice. even the mother, father, hug him together with smile n laughing. was a nice family.

-indian family arrived, so touching when the old women crying and hug her son.the baby and wife. i think its was nice

- then one couple arab arrived with strong perfume. both of them. the guy really good looking and the women also beautiful. everyone like thier perfume..look like they lost because nobody waiting him. but they attract many people.

- one arab guy very stylish arrived alone. a hip hop style n look nice too. then his come over, jumping, hugging, really like a good friendship, smiling , laughing with hip hop style. was nice

- also with cabin crew...too much stewardess i think. but the guy really thin, slim but most of them look like normal. not so nice....feel strange, how they can be cabin crew. maybe they nice on flight not outside... but the uniform make them hot. hehhe especially pilot

-troly....some people sit on the troly...maybe lazy to walk and thier couple push them on troly...a bit funny n crazy..but i think its ok..maybe they hav reason....for me its funny. hehhee

- a group of malaysian especially chinese with coat n uniform. " youth exchange student" around 30 people. thier family waiting and celebrate at airport. kind of competition oversea or maybe camping..i dont know..but its was good to see the drama, friendship, family n kids,

- one iranian family with grandmother arrived. i think her son working n stay in kl at embassy. was touching because the son was hug the grandmother very with brother, wife with wife, kid with kids...... so nice n lovely.kissing, smile, laughing.the grandmother look crying... hmmmm

- one family...a white guy marriage with chinese malaysian waiting son. i think the white guy waiting his son n his son's friend. i can see the father was control emotion and the chinese wife was friendly. look like vacation at malaysia. and the friend also polite and respect the couple.its good

- a group indian from travel agency arrived...too many with same clothes, hat, t shirt, old, young, kids and etc....look many prblm hehhee..sorry that my feeling what i can see. but they are togther..its was good

- for an hour i waiting at arrival area. i saw very nice white guy with res shirt stand there. keep sms with his phone. he look cool and ready. suddenly one guy look like him come but a bit older. i think he waiting his bother. same height, same structure body, only different with hair n without hair...was good n look they so close.....hugging....good brothers

finally my conclusion.....was nice to have someone waiting us at airport, i'm sure everyone miss thier friend, lover, partner, family, kids n me too. when we meet someone we miss, love...we out of control...kissing, hugging n dont care with people around. its automatic reaction, out of control. no need to hide...anyway i done good thing at airport, learning about love, friendship, family matter. yeah i miss someone...but i dont know its worth it or not.let it go...tired already.......its life.

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