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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just dealing with air asia

today when i arrived at officemate asked me about can the air asia ticket replace by someone if that person got chicken pox and not available to travel? i said dont know.

then free check the air asia, i found that they do promotion for hari raya time...end of august until september. then i quickly asked my old friend to buy it with credit card. yeahh i got the ticket now.

if i take bus for 2 way, its cost me rm100 with 16 hour..maybe more. if i take flight 2 way, its took 2 hour with rm173....i think i choose the flight for this time. i dont know what happen to me until august 2011.hopefully i will be good. so glad because i got hari raya ticket. thanks air asia. now everyone can fly with air asia. its good. less tired and pressure.i fobia sometime in bus.....getting old.

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