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Thursday, January 13, 2011

hmmm..another day in this week

a few days i'm not update or write any story here.. i was moody, fever, stress at office, flu n the time very tight to me.that's why i decided to not write here because my writing will sound crazy n annoying me.

finally today i feel i'm totally healthy after took medicine a few day, drink honey and warm water. its good. try to recover b4 my family come to kl tomorrow morning.

then, today i decided to bring 5 art work to frame it or make frame. with hope can get b4 my family come, but i need to take saturday or monday. a frame without border with glass, its cost me rm 20. another frame with border n glass,rm35. after bargain the price i got rm30.but i must send 10 art painting.

a bit confuse after make promised with the uncle at frame shop. should i frame all? or waiting another month..because its will cost me soon. still have another 8 painting... hmmm anyone to sponsor for frame?

finally i solve this prblm..was scared n worry if the framing very too expensive.


Anonymous said...

Frame mengikut keutamaan dahulu. dahulukan yang cantik.Dahulukan dua atau tiga ikut kemampuan. sikit sikit ikut kemampuan.ingat,lama lama jadi bukit.


ariff said...

thanks...already promised anyway to get cheap prize... anyway i think everything will be good....