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Sunday, January 9, 2011

garden + cleaning house

Last week I was busy with working. Make war with 3d department and I’m doing techinal thing for my design. I realize my fence at garden was fallen on ground. Lately was rain everyday n storm in kl. I saw closer the fence already rotten naturally. Yesterday I don’t hav plan except on Sunday nite. I clean all the garden, a bit hard to clean the mess because the fence is heavy. Suddenly the management come to house n asked me if need help or not. Maybe the fence was damage the landscape….so I just agree because its too heavy at same time i’m not so same time my mother told me last time, I need to cut off 3 tree because that tree will destroy the structure. So I borrowed the knipe from gardener at management. They helped me to cut it.its good. Hope that tree will not come out again.

Its good when someone helping me. Yeah next week my family come to house again.then my friend from Greece. So I must clean the house. Its good time to clean garden, living room, bedroom and kitchen. So yesterday is homely day. I bought some house perfume…a bit fresh in house. Lovely. I start hang on the wall all my oil painting. Its not finish yet….. because lazy to touch up . maybe I will do other time.

So after clean the garden, house and hang the painting, I fully happy because I done good thing for this week. Its nice to see house in good condition.

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