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Friday, January 7, 2011

full activity

although i always say bored and lonely, but honestly i really busy for this month. sometime its good, sometime very challenge to me. physical n mind.

this month was good started with went to cameroon highlands.i really enjoyed. this week on sunday i will go to putra stadium at bukit jalil to see anugerah juara lagu grammy award with my officemate. my friend gave to me 2 ticket. thanks to sharifuddin.

next week my family will come to kl for 2nd graduation of my brother. from 13 january until 15 january.hope can join my family at my brother graduation.

22-23 jan..still no plan..i hav plan but i dont know that person free or not. hahhaha

then 28 jan until 2 feb, my friend from Greece wanna come to kl for a week.old friend, hope fully can host him. at same time i'm in holiday of chinese new year

still got free day from 3 feb until 6 feb..hope i hav nice least hav good time at home.

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