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Sunday, January 23, 2011

film at weekend

last week i dont hav much interesting thing to write here, except busy with work, not so well because at office everyone got flu and coughing, was hurt my brother's feeling, a bit frustrated with people around me. its not good to write here because i think i must see front.

so at weekend, was terrible for me because i lost feeling to eat, can't sleep, a bit flu and coughing. try to sleep 3 time..but got nightmare 3 time too.i was too worry about my life, my work, my family and so on.i try to fix with good, but sometime we just human..just can try n hope but sometime never belong to us.

then i borrow some dvd from john, try to make sleepy watching movie. started with the white ribbon. a Germany film 2009. i like the way the make film, black and white and i like the custom they wear, location and sure its nice. right now too many CGI 3d film...make us sick and we not learn many thing about life and humanity.

in this film...too many plot and sometime its very hard to remember the people because u need to understand the culture, the era even what the rule of their job for community. like what the pastor for villagers? even doctor, teacher, baron and so on. i'm quite confuse. i can say long time ago people really respect to father or pastor at church..same like at Malaysia..we respect Imam or religious person at mosque as community leader.

really like they way young couple fall in love n so traditional..even hav bad thing when the doctor rape some young girl at village n etc...but the things is we need take care our family 1st,save the children, involve our self to community and become a good person, lover, and nice person. i like the character of the teacher..those always helpful and never take advantage what he have.

then i continue 2nd movie the last station, kind of biography film....n i realy love it. the concept is freedom and love. when we love someone we will connect forever until last breathe. i fall in love with the concept of love a husband love his wife and how respect the wife to her husband although sometime she become crazy. yeah when we love someone....sometime we try to do best thing in our life. its called sharing. sharing of love, prblm, money, difficulty...then when we hav prblm..its good to remember our nice time to make sure the relationship is become tight again.wonderful. other things is how the virgin guy hav fun with his 1st love and he also use the concept freedom n love for his relationship.... how much love himself to his lover. wow.....the story like the ghost writer but still with their own objective.i like the scene..the clothes..i dont know i really like English style.....the house, the farm, the horse, the song, the train.....wonderful.
wish i can found another movie like this.

last thing i do today is watching prince of persia for 2nd time. i dont hav anything to do at home actually. thats why i choose this movie. borrowed dvd from patrice. its nice film...i love the city....its related what i'm doing last time..research about African architecture. i means they shots some scene at maghribi or Algeria i think or north africa. love the old city, wonderful, the caravan alley with market, custom, girl, man, soldier, all look sexy and hot.

finally, i hav good relax at weekend.still hav flu and cough...just finished do swim at swimming pool,stole some flower from house area, hehhe. jogging around house n do gym at gym room at club house. love make myself busy healthy and strong. hahha

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