There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, January 28, 2011

feeling not so comfortable

today is last day for working in jan 2011 b4 we celebrate chinese new year next week. i hav 1 week holiday. was nice to have long holiday right? at office everyone seems happy. me too. but suddenly i felt hurt...... i kept that feeling so long,since i'm kids until now. i wish i can change but its from god. at office some officemate always "repeat with annoying or teasing" what i said with more soft. arghhhh especially when i go to another department. so nowdays..i'm afraid to go that department because i dont want people say like that again n again. for me its just normal. arghh since i kid..i always feel shy when i wanna talk, practice to talk rough,...still remembre some people advise me to brush my toungue..make it rought....hahhahah funny. tried b4 but never changed ..i'm worry people will laugh to me. arghhhh sound is god's gift...... i accept it........anyway i'm happy with myself.

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