There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, January 20, 2011

a dream

A few week ago I had a dream, went one place with my family. The place far far away, “snakey” road, but with great view with shaded branch of tree, big lake besides road, bright and shiny sunlight. The road totally worst at all but still can go through. After few hour my family and I stop at one house to pray. The owner of the house really polite n humble, but in that house really nobody there…. Clean n so comfortable, not too much.

Waiting my family finish pray, I sit under tree behind the house, look around. so nice house and village..suddenly heard some people give greeting “salam” at main door, I realize the owner house’s daughter back from school. 4 girl of them. I saw them…. From far very polite, humble n cheeky smile at me, then they go to their room and after that go kitchen to see their mother to help make lunch. The way they speak with their mother really polite, never meet any girl in this world anymore.hardworking at kitchen, laughing, meal with great smell.

One of them come to me and talk to me. What u doing in this place? I told her I come to this place for big reason. Attend friend's engagement. Then she told me her father wanna talk to me at kitchen. The girl really nice, not beautiful but hav something inside her. Then I just go to kitchen to meet her father. Suddenly her father said….hi young man, can u become the husband for his daughter?. There is 4 girl sit on chair at kitchen. U can choose anyone u like even u can take all. i asking u because u look so nice person with big heart…. I was surprised…then woke up from sleep….. its just a dream…..

I realize a beautiful girl or women not only come from beautiful face…but its must from heart, attitude, respect the old people, talk nicely, cover their body, never complaint and the most important is never hurt their father n mother. I love the dream.

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