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Sunday, January 2, 2011

cameroon highlands at 1st day new year

its was another chapter in my life. went to cameroon highlands to bring a ex-university mate or x housemate b4 he leaving peninsular of malaysia this end of march.

actually my friend, usop wanna leaving kl city after 7 years study n working here. he is more family person. he love his family n perefer to stay close withthem, at same time he fed up with busy life in kl. b4 i moved to new house he told me " i hope can go visit any nice place in peninsular malaysia b4 back to sabah"

thats why today we hav chance to do that. at 1st time we planned to go pangkor island, but cancelled at the last minute. then decided to go fraser hill. but after meet up at old house, i decided to go camerron highland because there are more activity. so we just go for one day and back at u know..i always be nice to everyone and people always like be around me.same with me too

lucky he was happy for his 1st experience at my heart, i wish i can make him more happy b4 he leaving. one of good friend. sadly he leaving soon. thats life

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