There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, January 3, 2011

1st at office at new year

today was excited to go office, wake up early with new hope, new vision and also new thinking. today also all the new student will register at school for new semester. all mother and father busy with thier kids especially from kindergarden to primary school. thinking about my past time...i'm good boy, never cry and enjoyed at school time. lol

yeah after hav long weekend, rest and relax at home, went to cameroon highland, meet some friend, sacrifice for fun..i really hav new energy for my life. at same time i miss someone far from kl. i dont know that person miss me or thinking of me or not. if not...its ok maybe i just normal friend. nothing special.

although have many work to do, still think positive because i'm sure every prblm have solution. try make positive thinking. like i promised to friend. what i wanna write? now 845pm, still at office..have work to finis.still energetic, miss working and hopefully everything ok soon.some officemate take leave to register thier kids at school, a bit quite today.

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