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Saturday, December 25, 2010

where is santa? xmas promises-harris

i do nothing at plan. like usual i just open computer, read some news at internet and online at any website. hoping the santa come but seems no one.

suddenly my friend greece, online at msn chat. long time no see him online. he traveled again to Mediterranean, switzerland for 2 month i think. finally he just arrived at hometown, Greece. so nice right can travel and forgot about happen around us.

nice chat but like usual...he feel bad because i was alone at xmas time. yeah i tried to find company but seems not lucky. a bit cry but what to do. i just waiting the 2010 year finish. not much hope can get at this time. year will end soon. 2011? make me worry, at this moment i think its not good year. i knew but i will not write here.

let is happen n everything will happen. harris was mad to me because i think bad about 2011. i cant pretend to be happy.... i just feeling worst. anyway was promised to him keep positive for 2011, n i will try keep positive. arghhhhhhh hard life for me.santa where r u?i'm lonely n alone here.finally i just sleep on bed for other day. not do oil painting...mixed up feeling.

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