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Saturday, December 25, 2010

xmas at home,marriage, engagement, birthday

from left azly, me, pian, zul, panjang,mus, nik, pijun, fadhil, mala and kak zu

azly with his wife

today i just at home.. make nescafe with milk, eat the bread bought last night and listen radio for song chart for this week. so lazy to wake up because no plan...sure its empty kl this week. people celebrate xmas and new year. i just prefer stay at home.

but 3 big things will happen around my life. one of my officemate will engage with his gf today. pijun is younger than me.23 years old lucky him. i was not believe because in friday he take leave to get ready for engagement day. hope he will be good man for his life.

another my officemate get marraige today at sarawak. his gf from he spent a lot of money to buy flight ticket. its hard but thats his sacrifise for his life. he also younger than me around azli is 24 years old. he so good person at office, always do good work, hardworking n good in 3d building.he worked part time as photographer. so hardworking guy.

another friend also was engaged last month at kelantan. nik is 27 years old.the girl also from kelantan. no more single guy at office..just a few.

the 3rd, today is my friend birthday..just friend at net. know him long time ago but never meet. he study in kl and hav life here too. miero.. turkish guy. 23 year old. very wealthy guy i think. every month stay at jw marriot. all clothes CK, branded and also have partner indian malaysian. lucky him.

thats a few things around me today. xmas time.i just at home.not much i hope..nothing feeling. no gift, no santa,

miero and his friend

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