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Thursday, December 9, 2010

a widow women

Spending time at hometown with family always nice, but many thing need to sacrifice. Arrived at home, went to wet market in rainy time…was nice because I love rain…. People still selling their food, fresh fish, chicken, traditional food. Very nice. N I bought my favourite food. Akok, fresh milk (cow), some vegetable, n etc. hehe at home my mother cook many thing..but I only can eat little..dont know head get headache when I took many food. Maybe in kl..i’m rarely eat n eat little. Then the next day…we hav guest at home. A few year ago we hav a couple family which is my mother become baby sitter for their kids. Then her husband died because of cancer, she moved to new place, close to her family. Now she come n visit my family again. Its was nice. I can see she very good person, good mother n love her husband b4. Until now she not marriage.

We know her family, last time she bring her young brother n I become good friend for her brother. Yeah just exchange sms sometime. She surprised because I’m still not marriage to compare her young brother. I’m older than her young brother. Hahha funny is she told me..i’m still look young and her brother look like old man. Hahha yeah I’m still cute….. maybe.

Was a good meeting with my family and her kids growth with good n we all love her kids…like our family. My mother become baby sitter for many family….some of them already marriage… the last day b4 leaving hometown…my father n my mother n me sit at living room after breakfast. Suddenly my mother start asking my father . can u ask ariff when he will get marriage? Hmm my father just silence..then I quickly said…mom..i don’t hav feeling to marriage for now…..then my mother said..nevermindla…hhahaha ….

Waiting my bus to main city, I visited my mother’s sister…mean my aunty. She stay beside my house…but I never go out from home since I arrived at hometown..hhehe how bad I’m…actually normally I just stay at home..i’m not a guy to walk everywhere. She surprised I’m back hometown and say I’m too healthy….the crazy question is..when I wanna marriage….. because her son..young than me..getting marriage last june 2010 with sarawakian same time her son stay close with her. What to do……. Always bonus question..i just say I’m still single and busy with work….

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