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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The walking dead and ali baba

I’m nearly to go die because of lazy attitude. Friday night I was fever, not bad but really make me feel not comfortable. Saturday morning also tired, very very lazy. No food at home….. its hard too because I cant call anyone for delivery or help. Take medicine and rest but can’t sleep. Very tired n weak that time. Suddenly I felt my body going to bad because not eat since last night, so I brave myself to walk to great eastern mall. That’s time I really feel so so weak..just to think need food n get some energy.

Then I decide to eat chicken rice shop….was not so tempting, but no choice... I mean to eat right food. After that, I really felt sweating and my body warm. Its good. Heehehe. Do little shopping, some people cruising at me. Hahha but I’m not interested.

Then arrived at home, john coming, ambush me..he was lucky because I just arrived at home. Then we go out for dinner at ali baba Iranian restaurant. The food was good, love the environment, furniture, do some chit chat, politic…was good include with middle east song n middle east people around. Was great dinner with john. Thanks mate.

Then I went to john’s house for lepaking. Luckily, that night hav one marathon tv series. The walking dead…kind of spooking, scary zombie tv series. I love it and really enjoyed it. At least I can screaming and forget about other prblm. Then the movie finished around 430am, was great nite and weekend for me b4 xmas eve n new year.

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