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Friday, December 17, 2010

tron legacy

yesterday back home around 630pm...accidentally open the tgv website n saw the tron timetable for that day...surprised because the nearest time around 655pm. i quickly go to monorail station and catch the movie. yeah waiting people watch with me sometime its hard, many excuse n no time. better i just watch by myself. then the movie was good..for me average.

i prefer the 1 episode....with the technology that time, i can say tron 1st episode really tempting me. i can understand the movie and more interesting. maybe right now, many CGI 3d, its like like simple and not much interesting. just like the custom, motorcycle, and also the house for Flynn's house. anyway its was nice movie and too cold in cinema.wish hav someone to hold my hand beside. hmmm maybe other time. i dont mind to see tron second time..not bored movie.

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