There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, December 17, 2010

thats feeling!!!!

back from cinema, just sleep on bed. just wanna forget the world for the moment. in the middle of night, i nearly to sleep working. i dont know what time because i dont hav watch even no clock at home.normally i just refer to my phone. but really scary.

maybe i was weak last night...i dream some people come to my house ...all guy but really dont know them.... they invite me to go upstairs.i think i already stand but quickly i think why i should go upstairs because no bed, nothing upstairs. try to fight that feeling. finally they gone by wind.

then i mad myself because easily believe with that thing....lucky i was brave to fight back.then i continue sleep.

then i wake up early this morning, open the radio at tv because i want to know the time. its around 605am. normally my routine everyday is checking sms in my phone after i wake up. yeah normally b4 i sleep, i always send sms to those people i miss. sometime get reply, sometime not.but today feel different. then i just wake up, boiled the water n take shower. today the weather so cool, like somewhere i went last time. feeling fresh and good.

after finished shower, on the computer and start praying. after pray, i just checking email, message at any website. empty today. its ok...just like usual. when leaving home... i realize the weather outside more cold than in house. was nice with bright n shiny sunlight. walking to bus stop..was nice with one field of grass beside my house area. maybe at future they make development. so bad..all empty land will build new building.

the wind blow me with cool air, was nice. remembered me at one place i went long time ago. let me find the photo and put here. i love the sun today. nice and bright.hopefully i hav good day later.

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