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Thursday, December 9, 2010

taxi driver

When I arrived in kl from hometown…I was so tired because too long in bus….bored n I don’t know how many time I repeating the song in my phone. Next time need to buy mp3 or mp4 n hav thousand library of song. At same time , I bough fish sausage( john named it) called keropok lekor for officemate, a bit heavy. So I decided to take taxi like usually. But surprisely ,the taxi driver don’t want use meter at same time gave me double price from normal price.i said…nevermind I just take the train. I hate taxi driver like that. I like honest taxi driver and I like to give them tip when they r honest with me. I did many time. Although tired….was mad with taxi driver and arrived safely at home by train to ampang park and take taxi to home.

Then my friend invited me for dinner and stay overnight at his house. Wake up early morning around 6am, because need to prepare fish sausage for my officemate. One more time I take taxi and this time I got women taxi driver. She look so nice, powerful and happy. When I open the door, she called me sir and good morning. Was good starting. I just said jalan Ritchie, then she just say yes. Not many prblm. In car she start talking with me…say greeting, and its was nice. I asked her what time she wake up every day…I really surprise because she told me she wake up around 5am n working for 12 hour. If she break for lunch..she need to work for 13 hour driving the taxi to make sure she got cover the payment. I realize our life not so easy, everyone working hard to hav better life.

I’m not say all taxi driver is bad in kl , some good n I respect them. When I arrived at home…she still smile and say I’m the 2nd customer for her. Hehehe b4 leaving, she also greeting me…hav a nice day…hmm I feel so great as a customer. Its reminds me at one morning at Singapore, when 1st time I been there. I took taxi to my friend at Singapore, old Chinese man…very healthy and nice. Start talking with me…suddenly his phone ringing… and he look worry. Then he said…..excuse me sir..can I answer the phone?... I said..oh its ok..u can do that..its not bother me….. maybe important call for him. I know when we drive..we can answer the phone or sms, but I can excuse that. I just wanna make comparison…I never meet any taxi driver in Malaysia like taxi driver at Singapore. who said..Singaporean r rude? Maybe not all..but some..same at Malaysia n every country.

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